it’s like a summoning ritual



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who dat who dat?

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omg setting up my first art lesson plans for my first art student

im gonna be a private art teacher

and im gonna make money for it

wheres the catch 


shygoggles: what programm do you use for drawing? :0 ! !

Photoshop cs6 !  :)

hephaestushandgrenades replied to your post: too hell with airbrush  (╯°□°)╯︵ …

Do you use blend with your airbrush? (If you even use sai whoops) Because I’m not able to?? Your art is gorgeous

Yeah I use airbrush to blend, and I use Photoshop, and Thanks c:

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deadsynthesizer: If you're really strapped for cash and find that you aren't getting commissions you could always offer to give lessons on skype. teach the fundamentals of drawing. Show them howto create armatures and skeletons for a drawing then to work around that drawing a body then features and clothes. You could teach how to do lineart and coloring and shading. Have them pay right before the lesson and make the lesson timed $___ for an hour and a specific subject

Someone actually asked me for private lessons about a year ago, and I said I would gladly do it but they never contacted me back.

So yeah I’ve considered it but I feel kinda bad about asking money for art lessons, I mean I’m not a professional or anything so I feel like I would be cheating them.

Though I do love the idea of teaching people the many things that I’ve learned and to help them with any problems they may be encountering. Which I could do with written/drawn tutorials but when it comes to certain things theres just so much I want to explain that I feel everyone should know when learning whatever part of art you’re trying to learn.Instead just a 5 step thing for something it usually more complicated than that.

Live skyping people would be much better because I can just say and explain everything on mic while drawing/showing an example and I can answer any questions people might have about it. 

When it comes to that I’m unsure mainly because I feel like I’d be cheating them out of their money. B

ut it would be very nice because I would love to help anyone who is having any specific issues, and to help them learn rather them learning on their own like I had to do.

So I dunno…