I am so pissed that the average body type is considered chubby/fat

like, so, average body types are supposed to have bones poking out?

oh sorry lemme just remove all my fat and all my muscles too,

would that be acceptable? would that be healthy enough for you??

I will always love the sketch more than the final result  
.・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.I will always love the sketch more than the final result  
.・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.I will always love the sketch more than the final result  
.・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.I will always love the sketch more than the final result  
.・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.I will always love the sketch more than the final result  
my-only-flaw-is-nothing: Hi! I really love your artwork and I just wanted to ask. I've been using photoshop for a while and I just can't seem to get smooth shading. It looks either too rough and sloppy or too fake. I've tried playing with different brushes and practicing with real paint but it's not working out. Any advice?

Firstly, using real paints to practice Photoshop is NOT a good idea, don’t expect to learn much for painting methods in a digital program using real paints. (just a suggestion)


Secondly, we will use a Fionna the Human doodle for this small demonstration.

(Note: All of the things below are just my own opinions)

(I am no professional)


Here I used solely a hard brush to render and try to blend the colors as much as i could. Rendering a painting with hard brushes can be more difficult because it typically ends up looking off and this is because painting the colors accurately or blending can be especially difficult.

Though there are plenty of artists who can make a very rough painting look very appealing by knowing the right colors to use and place, and using various texture brushes and different brush strokes to make the image look very interesting. So it’s not a bad thing to use hard brushes and use little to no blending, but it can be difficult compared to other methods.


The super soft look is easily achieved by using mostly or nothing but the airbrush tool. So the contrast will be lower than usual, but it will look nice and soft and the colors will be no problem to blend of course. But the reason why it look so “fake” is probably because it looks unfinished. I mean, compared to other methods, airbrush painting is so easy its almost lazy. The problem with this method is that (in my opinion) I think no one can make it look decent enough for a finished painting.

I just think it looks uninteresting and it looks like its missing a lot. But it can look interesting just by touching up certain areas or just adding some interesting textures around or something to give it a more finished look.


For my style (recently anyway), I love the soft look to death but like I said it always bothered me how lazy and seemingly unfinished it looks. Later on learning digital painting, I learned that i just need to add contrast and sharp areas in certain places so that it can remain soft and look nice and balanced between contrasts.

I will paint in the the colors and general shading using airbrush then I always use a hard brush to sharpen certain shadows or hard lights (like eye lights or lip lights or rim lighting) and anything in between is typically soft unless its a rough or textured object.

Try to put some balance between the smooth and the rough and see if that helps!

Anonymous: Is it ok if I put one of your doodles as my picture? /.\ Like, the small doodles you use to answer questions at times. If not, sorry for asking, if yes, I could put that it belongs to you in my bio if you like!

yeah sure go ahead!

They’re just doodles to me anyway  c:  

Thanks for asking! <3



Well I just received some devastating news.

I’m going to be moving soon to a new house with my family and before we even move there, my Dad has decided to shut down the internet for about 2-3 months. As a tumblr user, this is pretty much a death sentence.

While I’m gone, which I have no choice, I am going to lose so many followers its not even funny. Compared to many other artists (which I believe are on the same art level as me) I have a very low follower count compared to them.

And I know I shouldn’t worry about my follower count and I should just love doing my art just to do my art. But when I’ll lose almost all my followers because I can’t connect to the internet for a month or two it will really make me lose a lot of my motivation because that will mean a lot of my followers won’t want to wait for me to come back…

So, yeah, theres the news before it happens. Needless to say, I am really dreading it.

Theres a chance that this won’t happen.

Even if it does happen, I’ll go to a starbucks or mcdonalds to upload the art that I need. So even if my internet may be going down for stupid reasons or whatever, I can still be active! But possibly not as much as I want to be, but I can still upload things.

So there’s a solution to the problem.

No hiatus for me!