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sadvaporwavebabe is fake as hell please stop taking their posts seriously theyre fucking gross 

i just looked at their blog for like 3 minutes, holy crap i dont know whether to laugh or cry in pain

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funsizedcake replied:

omg i love this, where is these even from??

This one’s from osamu moet moso CONCEPT BOOK 1.0. I think I’m only missing one of these books (1.25).

aaaa you’re so lucky, I’d kill for those books!

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why is stepping on wet things so violating


starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours


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today was a good day

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i have $1.40 to my name and now theres this art video that i really want to download and its $2 but here i am with $1.40 and i already spent my other $3 dollars on something else that didn’t even work out in the end, if I just waited I could’ve bought the art video but of course i am back to being 60 cents off from buying one little thing that i want, oh my god, just kill me now and hopefully the gate to heaven/hell doesn’t have a toll